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The kids soup kitchen project is a non_profit project run by majority of unemployed youth on voluntary basis and it operates in Katutura, a township in Windhoek. Its aim is to embrace children between the ages of one to fifteen years, being classified as orphans and vulnerable kids. We improve their health and well-being by providing food, clothing, education and other basic needs.

A young lady was coming to a weekly meeting, since this project at first was a theater group, This lady met a kid 5 years of age, with torn clothes and barely no shoes. This kid attracted her attention her, upon talking to this kid, why are you wearing torn clothes and you have no shoes and it is cold,, winter. Kid replied’ this is the only clothes, i have and i have no shoes. As she speak, she begin to cry.

Arriving at the meeting, this touching story was told, this project was born out of this story, of no shoes on and torn clothes of a 5years old kid.

We began to look for assistance to provide: food, clothes, shoes, blankets and other school needs. Today, we have helped thousands of kids and we continue to seek for helping hands around the world, to these kids.

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